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Our Team


Mark has more than 25 years engineering, manufacturing and production experience. Two engineering degrees and a US engineering license formalise his knowledge. The team he has assembled at Materials Optimization draw on this experience and international knowledge to identify client problems quickly and find effective durable solutions. Each case is usually quite unique, but the solution circle approach helps clients focus on how a solution fits their market.


Peter has more than 39 years experience analysing and formulating new plastics and compounds. With a PhD in Chemistry and enormous international experience, your challenge can be quickly identified and options will be prioritised for a decision.


Another ex IRL (now Callaghan Innovation) team member. Andreas specialty is corrosion and material property degradation. We can simulate UV exposure, quantify mechanical breakdown and decay. Simulate fatigue and other well documented laboratory simulations of design issues. Like all the team, technical excellence is supported by years of project work and scientific experience. Honing in on what is known is the starting point, finding the unknown or different parts accurately locks in the value of his analytical work.

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Another Aeronautical Engineer in the group. Structural analysis and testing the integrity of big and fast moving things is the sweet spot for Rod. Planes, trucks and bridges are all standard items when structural issues arise. The knowledge can be applied to any industrial or commercial technical problem. Rod started at DSIR and IRL (now Callaghan Innovation) measuring forces and quantifying strain and stresses makes his 30 years of experience and judgment very versatile. Rod helps the team prove what forces are at play in a project.

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Volker has many years of automotive and aeronautical fabrication and analysis experience in Europe, New Zealand and Asia.


A designer and fabricator by training, Ed has more than a decade of racing yacht fabrication experience that has been utilised around the world. Succeeding on location involves the preparation and real understanding of conditions away from a bench top setting. Like all the team, Ed can take a concept out into the world and deliver it in the best form possible.


Chris is an engineer with 12 years prototyping, design and fabrication experience. Electronics and bio development experience round out years of location delivery experience. Chris experience draws on years asa manufacturer and field manager delivering factory built solutions to many different locations and industries. He has delivered projects around the world. 


Two years after finishing his degree, Daniel continues to amaze and achieve the impossible in his programming work. Coaxing the last piece of function or an elegant short notice work around out of many problems. A great solution hunter in the pack of solution hunting people. Daniel has many ideas and ways to find them. When not programming us out of the box, he climbs up and skis down mountains of New Zealand and elsewhere.