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Existing or new project? We check. We design. Source a new material for an old problem. Cost out. Most of our clients rely on our specialty knowledge and methods to add to theirs.

Adhesive Technologies Ltd

Adhesive Technologies is the largest manufacturer-formulator of liquid epoxy resins for boats and industry in New Zealand. The company has been manufacturing AT 350 FR, a fire retardant resin, for some time but has never had the properties externally certified. An important client needed this additional verification quickly.

We managed the DNV certification process to ensure that AT 350 FR met international quality and manufacturing standards. The process successfully Type Approved AT 350 FR giving Adhesive Technologies the opportunity to sell confidently in the global market at a speed which could not have been obtained with their existing staff availability.

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Cast Glass Tower

Jenny Smith, an artist who traditionally builds glass sculptures through casting and slumping needed technical support to create a 2 metre high cast glass tower which required continuous internal lighting. The four day public sculpture display was near the edge of a cliff, by a potentially windy bay and away from electricity supplies.

The solution involved creating custom metal and polymer structural rigging, hand built LED illumination elements and solar panels. Our wind calculations and in-house testing allowed the structure to survive the duration of the one-off show while several other installations were destroyed by wind damage.

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Eco Drain - Downpipe Diverter

The inventor of Eco Drain asked if we could make a

Visuals / Virtual Prototyping

MatOpt utilises advanced 3D CAD and visual rendering software in all stages of new product design projects. This powerful tool can often be used to assist with early adoption and marketing needs prior to any fabrication or full commercialisation. Many of our clients have pre-sold, obtained IP, government grants and bank loans for new development, based on a photographic rendering that we have created of a proposed final product.

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