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"Materials Optimization has managed the design development, tooling and production of Ecodrain from the day of the invention to the present. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone."

Shayne Rollitt, Director, Future Proof Products Ltd.

"Over the past ten years we have used Materials Optimization to help us test standards, research new issues, perform verification tests and prepare reports. We will continue to do so."

Grant Beck, Director, Adhesive Technologies(NZ) Ltd.

"If you want a product idea, a concept or vision taken and turned into reality, you need to talk to Mark and his team. We have found them a complete solution provider of R&D, government grant support, design, prototyping and production support."

Lincoln Macintyre, Sales Manager, Advance Flooring

About us

Our most important product is a solution. We use years of engineering management, manufacturing as well as product design experience to frame your problem and streamline the process to finding a complete and fully workable answer from our Solution Circle. Often elements of any solution are similar. It


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